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Managing Your Orders

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In the subscription management area of you can manage any of your information including payment info, shipping address, as well as being able to manage your subscription including adding new products to your subscription, changing the product you have on subscription, and more.

This screenshot of the dashboard shows all of the areas you will need to know about in the subscription management piece of the ambassador portal. Click on the photo to enlarge it:

Dashboard: Takes you back to the home dashboard in your Ambassador Portal.

Orders: Review any orders you’ve made on the Organisource website. THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION

My Subscription: This is where you can manage your ambassador subscription. View your ambassador subscriptions, change products, and more.

Add Subscriptions: This is where you can purchase new Organisource products with the Ambassador 35% off discount.

Addresses: This is where you can change your shipping or billing address

Payment methods: This is where you can change the credit or debit card you have on file

Account details: This is where you can change your name, email, or password for your ambassador account.

Logout: This is where you can logout from the portal

Switching the Product You Have on Subscription

Switching the product for your Organisource Ambassador subscription is easy! All you need to do is navigate to the “Subscriptions” tab in your “My Account” Ambassador Portal, then click “View” on the subscription that you are switching, click the button to “Switch Products” then choose the product you wish to switch to and click “Sign Up.”

Please watch the video below for a full run through on how to switch the product you have on subscription.

Adding Products to your Subscription

To purchase another product with the ambassador 35% off discount all you need to do is the following: Navigate to your “My Account” Ambassador Portal in the menu. Click the button to “Add a Subscription,” and choose the product you wish to purchase!


Changing Your Address

To change your billing or shipping address, simply click the “Addresses” Menu item on your MY ACCOUNT page. Enter your new billing and shipping address and MAKE SURE to check the box below when updating your address!

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