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Congratulations, You've Been Selected!

You have been selected to become an Organisource Ambassador! We have reviewed your profile and have chosen to approve you to join our selective team of Brand Ambassadors.

Spots are EXTREMELY limited, so you will have 72 hours to accept! Read on to learn more about the program & secure your spot!

You Only Have 3 Days to Accept Your Spot So Hurry!


Read the Whole Page Below Before Accepting Your Spot

Congrats!!! We are very selective with who we choose to offer a spot as an Organisource ambassador so awesome job!

Make sure you read the whole page below to learn about what it means to become an Organisource Ambassador, the benefits you get by joining the team, and how to secure your spot.

We're On This Journey Together!

What it Means to Be an Organisource Ambassador:

If you join the team, you'll hear us say this alot....We're on this journey together.

The Organisource Ambassador Army isn't like ANY other ambassador program you've heard of. Becoming an Ambassador for Organisource is a exclusive opportunity and it comes with opportunities that other programs don't offer.

Because of this, we place extremely high value on our members. When you become an Organisource Ambassador, you join a family, and we do everything we can to help each and every ambassador in that family succeed. This means we go to great lengths to help you reach your health, wellness, and social media goals.

We've helped our ambassadors share their health and fitness journeys with the world and gain thousands of followers in the process. As a brand ambassador, you will not only have exclusive access to the most premium all natural supplements in the world, but you will also have the support of the whole Organisource ambassador team along the way.

The program is ultimately geared toward helping you increase your social media exposure. Once you reach a significant threshold of followers and engagement you will become eligible to receive FREE Organisource Product and gear! Read on to learn more about the exact benefits of joining the program, what we expect of our ambassadors, and how to secure your spot on the team!

Are you tired of...

  • Not having a health and wellness brand you can trust to represent on social media

  • Not knowing how Instagram influencers grow their profile by thousands of followers a month while making it look so easy

  • Seeing other influencers get paid the big bucks for collabs, flown to tropical destinations for free, and live the glamorous influencer lifestyle, while you struggle to grow your account

Well the Organisource ambassador program is geared specifically toward helping you become successful on your journey!

Checkout Some of the Members of the #OrganisourceArmy

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.36.29 PM

Gabi C.


Makayla M.


Janna B.

What You Get as an Organisource Ambassador

We don't ask too much of our ambassadors! When you join this team it's our job to provide YOU value!

All we ask is that you post 2 times a month with an Organisource product of your choice. THATS IT! We want you to spread the message on your terms!

By joining as an Organisource Ambassador you get access to all of the following...

  • Get a special link and discount code to offer your followers where they can get a discount on Organisource products and where you can earn 15% commission on all Organisource sales you drive from your followers.

  • Education, training, and guidance to help grow your instagram on your journey to becoming an influencer

  • Get featured by the @weareorganisource Instagram page with 40k followers and collaborate with other high level Organisource Influencers!

  • Get special Instagram training and become a part of the massive Organsource Instagram pod where you will work with high level influencers and increase your Instagram engagement and follower count

  • Refer friends to become Organisource Ambassadors and make money every single one of them for every month they are on the team! (Platinum Ambassadors Only)

  • Access to our monthly team call where we share our experiences & discuss exciting cross promotional influencer opportunities

  • MASSIVE discounts on all Organisource products!

  • Claim your ambassadorship and represent your spot in the Organisource Army in your instagram profile

  • Exclusive access Organisource Ambassador Bootcamp - work directly with our team 1-on-1 to grow your profile

  • Lifetime VIP status for all Organisource offers - Ambassadors are first in line for giveaways and competitions

  • Access to our exclusive Organisource Ambassador Army Facebook Group

Ready to Join the Organisource Army?

Here's How to Secure Your Spot On the Team

To be an ambassador for Organisource and have the ability to earn commission on sales you make, we have to make sure you love our products as much as we do. You must also have product to represent in your Instagram posts. This is what you must do to secure your spot on the team:

Our team is willing to send you the initial product for FREE. You only pay $6.99 to cover the shipping and handling.

From there, we will ship you a monthly bottle of product to continue promoting and posting your journey at the ambassador lifetime discount of $31.99 . (MORE THAN 35% OFF RETAIL $46.99). You can also change your product at any time.

We realize this may be a big ask, but here's the thing - WE ARE WILLING TO INVEST IN YOUR SUCCESS! As an Organisource Ambassador you have the ability to make real money as an affiliate. We've had several ambassadors earn over $1,000 in their first week on the team! We are also sending you your first Organisource product to sample, and ensure you feel 110% comfortable representing us as brand. From there are giving you more than 35% OFF what our typical customers pay as a member of the Organisource Army.

We're looking to invest in long term relationships with our ambassadors and grow together!

Because we respect that you may like to try our products before fully endorsing our brand, if for any reason you decide this is not for you, you can cancel this relationship at any time by emailing us at

Secure your spot by choosing your first product below!


Organic Spirulina Tablets (100 count)

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle


Complete Probiotics Quattro (50 count)

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle


Upgraded Vitamin D3 (60 Count)

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle


Concentrated Fish Oil Omega 3's (60 count)

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle


Ambassador Commitment

We are 100% committed to you. You can decide to cancel at any time and keep all of the resources and sample product on us!


Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy... - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service