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We’ve Heard That You’re AWESOME by one of Our Ambassadors!

And now we want to make you part of our super-fast growing team.

What If...

... you could actually earn money and become a social media influencer while promoting top-quality health supplements? By becoming an Organisource Ambassador, we give you the support to make it happen!

"Joining this team and community was one of the best decisions I've EVER made during my health and fitness journey. The extra money every month is just a HUGE bonus!"

Joining Organisource as an Ambassador has been an absolutely amazing experience. The nutrition is hands down the best I've found and  meet's all the quality standards I need, and the community is incredibly supportive!

Bailey R. - Las Vegas 

Making Organisource a part of my life was one of the best decisions I could have made. I highly recommend this company and this team. I'm able to take my favorite nutrition products, make money while doing it, and have the support of an awesome team.

David L. - San Diego 

Can't give a high enough recommendation for this company, if you have the chance you should definitely join them. I love the Bone Broth Protein, and all of my friends have been loving their products too. So glad to be a member!

Jenelle D. - Minneapolis 

So here's the deal

The reason you’re reading this is because someone you follow is already an active Organisource Ambassador.  And they think that you’d make a killer addition to our family!

We designed the Organisource Ambassador Program as an exclusive opportunity for users of our products to spread the word on the best new supplement line around.  This means we go to great lengths to help them reach their health, wellness, and social media goals.

While this unique program has A TON of benefits (you’ll see them all below!), we obviously don’t want just anyone jumping on board...first off, we’d go broke offering this amount of value if we did LOL.

To become an official Organisource Ambassador, we have a pretty strict application process. We want to make sure that someone would be a good fit to represent us and to be part of our big plans moving forward.  No other company has a promotional structure like this in place, and we do everything we can to help each and every ambassador in our tight-knit family succeed. So for these reasons, we’re selective in who we decide to work with.


We also have a referral program.  Basically, when an active Ambassador refers someone they believe in, that person can skip the entire application process and get started immediately. So in a sense, the Ambassador puts their credibility on the line and totally vouches for whoever they refer...

And you've just been referred!

No gimmicks. No BS.  The ONLY way you can access this page is through direct referral from an active Organisource Ambassador you’re following right now.

If you’re interested, you’ll not only have exclusive access to the most premium, all-natural supplements in the world, but you’ll also have the support of the whole Organisource ambassador team along the way.

And what’s crazy is all we’ll ask is that you post 2 times a month with an Organisource product of your choice. THAT'S IT!  We want you to spread the message on your terms!

Checkout Some of the Members of the #OrganisourceArmy

We've helped these ambassadors grow their Instagram profiles by thousands while representing a brand that they believe in, you could be next!










Here's How it Works

It’s super-easy.

First of all, we want you to make sure that you feel 110% comfortable representing us as brand.  We take great pride in our pure formulas, and want you to feel that same pride when you’re posting about them!

So you’d start by choosing a product you’d like to rep from one of these:


Grass-Fed Pure Collagen Peptides Powder

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle
$31.99/month after 1st month


Grass-Fed Pure Bone Broth Protein Powder

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle
$31.99/month after 1st month


Keto Collagen Protein with MCT Powder (Chocolate)

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle
$31.99/month after 1st month


Organic Vegan Vanilla Protein

$46.99 $6.99 For Your First Bottle
$31.99/month after 1st month

Once you choose, we’ll send you the initial product at our cost - You just pay $6.99 to cover the shipping and fees of your first bottle. From there, we will ship you a monthly bottle of product to continue promoting and posting your journey at the ambassador lifetime discount of $31.99 . (MORE THAN 35% OFF RETAIL $46.99). You can also change your product at any time by simply emailing us and letting us know!

Now before you think this is just some pitch to enroll you in a monthly subscription…

The product discount is only the beginning. When we say you’ll be joining a TEAM, we mean it!

When You Become An Organisource Ambassador You Get:

-The ability to earn hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars a month in commission. You’ll receive a special referral link and discount code you can share with your followers so they can try Organisource products! ANYTHING they buy, you earn a commission on! (We've had several ambassadors earn over $1,000 in their first week on the team. But it might not even take too long just to offset you’re discounted monthly fee!)

-Featured by the @weareorganisource Instagram page! You’ll be showcased in front our 20k followers and collaborate with other high level Organisource Influencers!

-Special Instagram training and become a part of the massive Organsource Instagram pod. Ever wonder how  how Instagram influencers grow their profile by thousands of followers a month while making it look so easy? You’ll learn the behind-the-scenes strategies others are already using to skyrocket your Instagram engagement and follower count.

-The ability to refer friend, build a team underneath you, and make money while doing it. You'll be able to refer ambassadors to the team and make money for every single one you refer. You can also build a team so anyone they refer you can also make money on!

-Access to our monthly team call.  We share our experiences & discuss exciting cross promotional influencer opportunities. You get the power only a network can provide!

-MASSIVE discounts on all Organisource products!

-Exclusive access Organisource Ambassador Bootcamp - Get personal, 1-on-1 instruction to grow your profile

-Lifetime VIP status for all Organisource offers - Ambassadors are first in line for giveaways and competitions

-Access to our exclusive Organisource Ambassador Army Facebook Group

All you have to do is post 2x a month with your Organisource product!!!

Hold on, we’re not done with awesome sauce quite yet...

You can also leverage this same referral program that found you.  From your current followers, as well as those you’ll accumulate from our high level training, you can refer someone to become an Organisource Ambassador too. And guess what happens then?

You make money EVERY SINGLE MONTH on any ambassadors you refer to the team. PLUS, you'll also earn commission on anyone THEY refer!!

Once you reach a significant threshold of followers and engagement you will become eligible to receive FREE Organisource Product and gear!

Ready to Join the Organisource Army?

We realize this offer isn’t for everybody. But from what we’ve been’re not “everybody.”  For someone who is passionate about health and fitness...and spends any time on Instagram...this is a pretty serious opportunity.  But if you’re not looking to get out into the spotlight and gain major traction as an Ambassador, we totally understand.

But if you are interested, this has the potential to turn into a nice little side hustle from just doing what you love. We’re looking to invest in long-term relationships and grow together.

No catches, no “surprise” fees. No long-term commitment. You can cancel at anytime.

Getting in now gives you an edge as our team continues to grow.  You won’t find an opportunity like this from any other supplement brand.

So...think you got what it takes?

Become an Organisource Ambassador Today


Ambassador Commitment

We are 100% committed to you. You can decide to cancel at any time and keep all of the resources and sample product on us!


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