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Ambassador Back Office Instructions

Ambassador Instructions

Your Ambassador Back Office

This guide will cover everything you need to know about your Ambassador Back Office to be effective as an Ambassador! In your back office, you will be able to:

1. Access your special coupon code and affiliate link to share with friends.

2. Review the sales you’ve made through referrals, and the commission that you’ve earned by doing so.

3. Manage your “Refer-a-Friend” referrals and see who is on your team!

Watch this video in full to learn how you can use your Ambassador Back Office

Make sure to read the full page below to ensure you get familiar with the dashboard and know your way around.

*If you’d like to read the instruction manual for managing orders and subscriptions you can find it by clicking here*

1. Coupon Codes and Affiliate Links

How to access your coupon code:

In the menu of your Ambassador Back Office, you will be able to create or change the discount code that you will be sharing with friends, followers, and family in the “COUPON CODE” tab. You must enter a discount code in the tab and click the button to save/update it for it to become active.


This coupon code will give anyone who uses it 15% OFF their entire order. If someone uses this coupon code to buy a product, they will receive 15% off but you will ALSO receive 15% commission on the order. You can not use this discount for yourself.

You can change your coupon code at any time by typing a new code into the “Your Coupon Code” field and clicking update.

How to access your referral link:


In addition to your custom coupon code you also have access to a referral link that you can use for things like your instagram bio link, links on blogs, youtube videos, and anywhere else you would like to use a link instead of a code. You can find this under the “Affiliate URLs” tab.

THIS LINK WILL NOT GIVE USERS A DISCOUNT but it will track their activity and give you commission to anyone who buys a product while they are on If you refer someone to with this link, again, they will NOT receive a discount but you will receive commission if they buy full price.

YOU DO NOT need to give people both your link AND code when they are purchasing regular products on the site, but if they use JUST your referral link they will not receive a discount but you will receive commission. If you give them just your Coupon Code, they will receive a discount AND you will receive commission.

**A special referral link will be given out for the Organisource refer a friend program THIS IS NOT THAT LINK, and you will read more about that in a later section**

2. Commission and Sales Tracking

In this part of the “Back Office” you will be able to track the commission you have earned as an ambassador through your custom coupon code and affiliate link.

For each sale you make through your custom coupon code or affiliate link, you will receive a 15% commission on the entire order! You can track the commission you’ve earned, the sales you’ve driven, the number of people who have visited our site through your link, what commission you are owed and what commission you have been paid.

*All commissions are paid on the last day of each month after you have reached the threshold of $20 in commission*

The following tabs are in the menu of your Ambassador Back Office:

Statistics: This is where you can see an overview of all commission and referrals you have made
-Graphs (sub menu of Statistics): This is where you can see a graphical representation of all visitors, commission, and referrals
-Visits (sub menu of Statistics): This is where you can see all of the people who you have referred to our site through your affiliate link

Referrals: This is where you can dig in to the exact referrals you’ve made to the Organisource website
-Payouts (sub menu of Referrals): This is where you can view the commission you are owed and what you have been paid

Settings: This is where you can find your Affiliate URL to share with friends and family

Coupon Code: This is where you can create and change your Ambassador Discount code

Refer a Friend: This is where you can review the team of Ambassadors you have referred to the team through the Organisource Refer-a-Friend program and how much commission you are making on your team. THE NEXT SECTION REVIEW THIS PROGRAM IN FULL

Please review the image below for a visual of the menu in your Affiliate Area:

3. Refer-a-Friend Program

Through the Organisource Refer-a-Friend Program, you have the ability to refer new Ambassadors to the Organisource team, and make commission every single month they stay on the team. We normally have very stringent requirements when allowing ambassadors to represent Organisource but since you have already been approved we trust ALL ambassadors to bring in new team members that they feel would be a good fit for Organisource. And the best part?  You can earn money EVERY MONTH for any members you refer to the team!

You can send friends, family, and followers and anyone you think would make a good Ambassador to a special link that we provide you (which can be found on every page in the green box shown below) that will allow them to sign up as an Organisource Ambassador just as you did, and every month they stay on the team you will earn 10% commission on their Organisource subscription. We also offer Platinum Ambassadors the opportunity to make more commission on every ambassador they refer and also build a team so that they earn commission on any Ambassadors who members of their team refer.

Read on to learn how to refer a friend to the team and how the commission structure works!

How to Refer-a-Friend to Become an Ambassador

The link to refer friends to the team is shown in the green box on every single page of your Ambassador Back Office (shown below) Copy this link and provide it to anyone who you would like to join the team:

How Does Commission Work for the Refer-a-Friend Program

Ambassadors who Refer a friend will make %15 commission on the ambassador they refers $31.99 subscription each and every month they stay on the team!

For example: If you refer a friend to the team, and they choose to have Collagen Peptides as their product of choice at the Ambassador discount of $31.99, you will earn 15% commission on that $31.99 EVERY SINGLE MONTH they stay on the team! 

You can refer AS MANY FRIENDS as you’d like! Grow your team and bring on thousands of Ambassadors, and earn 15% commission on every single one of them, every single month.

If an Ambassador you refer has more than one product on subscription with us, you earn commission on ALL of the products they have on subscription!

In addition to the Traditional Organisource Ambassador program, we offer a Platinum Ambassador Package which can earn MORE commission on referrals to the team and will also earn commission on any members referred by ambassadors they referred to the team. This allows platinum ambassadors to build a team of Ambassadors underneath them and make money if that team refers more members! Read about the Platinum Ambassador Tier below!

Platinum Ambassadors and the “Refer-a-Friend” Program

For Ambassadors who sign up for our Platinum Ambassador status, the refer a friend program goes FAR beyond just 15% commission each month for every Ambassador you refer. Platinum Ambassadors will be able to build TEAMS! By doing so you will earn commission not only on a new Ambassador that you sign up, but also on any ambassadors they sign up, and any ambassadors they sign up. This allows you to earn commission on 3 levels below yourself!

How commission works as a Platinum Ambassador:

Level 1: Thats you!

Level 2: Any ambassador you refer directly – You earn 15% commission every month on their subscription

Level 3: Any ambassador referred by the person you referred in level 2- You earn 7% commission every month on their subscription

Level 4: Any ambassador referred by the person you referred in level 3- You earn 3% commission every month on their subscription

Below you can see a chart illustrating how much commission you can earn as a platinum Ambassador.

Click the button below to learn more about the Platinum Ambassador Program and signup to become a Platinum Ambassador. 

“Refer-a-Friend” Program Dashboard

In your Ambassador Back Office, you will find a link to your Refer-a-Friend Dashboard. This Dashboard will show the following:  

1. Commission Rates: This shows you how much commission you refer at each level of your team. Ambassadors on our Platinum VIP Package will earn commission on their downline in addition to other ambassadors they refer.

2. Earnings and Stats: This area will show you how much you’ve earned from the Refer-a-Friend program.

3. Your Network Chart: This will show you all of the Ambassadors you have referred to the team! For Platinum VIP Ambassadors this also shows all of the people in their downline (any ambassadors referred by Ambassadors they referred in the first place).

 Rules of the Refer-a-Friend Program: 

– Sky is the limit, you have no cap on the number of Ambassadors you refer to the team.

– You make 15% commission every month on every subscription that an Ambassador you refer currently holds, WITH THE EXCEPTION of the first $14.99 trial. You do not make commission on the first product an Ambassador you referred purchases but do so every month after that they stay on the team.

– Commissions on all Ambassador payments happen the same time and date as your product sales commission: The last day of each month. Commission is paid out once we reach a threshold of $20 or they carry over to the next month.

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