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5 Reasons Bone Broth Should Be a Part of Your Diet

by | Mar 8, 2018

Bone Broth has been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years, but today it is enjoying a resurgence of interest due to its powerful health benefits. This miracle substance has countless nutritional and healing properties like helping to treat leaky gut syndrome, overcome food intolerances and allergies, improving joint health, reducing cellulite, and boosting immune system. Here are 5 good reasons you should take the leap and add it to your diet today!





Bone broth is full of gelatin and collagen, which soothes the intestinal tract and helps heal leaky gut, aka intestinal permeability. With stress, diet, alcohol, caffeine and over the counter pain relievers wreaking havoc on our intestines, almost anything we can do to repair the gut is beneficial, as a healthy intestinal tract is essential to overall good health.


Yup, your grandma was definitely right about that chicken soup nurturing you back to health. A traditional folk remedy for colds and flus, bone broth provides a rich array of nutrients which help to support your immune system. Cysteine, an amino acid found in chicken, helps to thin mucus so it can be expelled more easily. When fighting a cold, make a chicken broth with added spices or peppers to make it spicy to help keep the mucus moving.


The mineral content of our foods is usually reduced as a result of soil degradation, which leaves many of us with compromised absorption due to poor gut health. These minerals are critical to so many bodily functions and have an impact everything from our bones to our mood and our sleep. Supplying calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, sulfur and phosphorous, bone broth provides an excellent means of boosting your mineral intake.


Bone broth is an extremely rich source of amino acids that support your skin regeneration like glycine and proline. Along with collagen, the ultimate skin food, bone broth can improve skin elasticity and fight wrinkles.


Bone broth was used to reduce inflammation long before ibuprofen was ever on the shelf. Glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and gelatin support your joints, bones, and reduce inflammation throughout your body.

In case you needed a sixth reason…

The healing benefits of Bone broth have never been easier to add to your diet than with Organisource Bone Broth Protein. With this easy to use protein powder, you get all the nutritional and health benefits of traditional Bone Broth but leave out the long hard process of stewing bones and extracting the goodness.

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Organisource Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein Powder

Our ancestors have been using the magic of Bone Broth for thousands of years. Every single heaping scoop of this protein powder is packed with 20 grams of protein and contains vital nutrients such as Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid to support a busy lifestyle as well as an intense gym training schedule. Made in an FDA-approved facility here in the US, Organisource bone broth powder contains no GMOs, dairy, soy, grain or gluten and is 100% paleo-friendly and gut-healthy.

We’re dedicated to finding mother natures best kept secrets and delivering them right to your door.

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We’re dedicated to finding mother natures best kept secrets and delivering them right to your door.

Always Straight From the Source.

© 2017 Vitality Vitamins, LLC.