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If something has been around for a few thousand years, odds are there’s a reason for it. It probably works.

Yoga is a great example. Its beginnings can be traced back to northern India about 5,000 years ago.

That’s a pretty good run!

Today, yoga is everywhere. It’s become part of our culture. Yoga studios are found in every town and city, TV commercials show doing yoga in addition to their daily activities.

The merchandising for yoga (apparel, mats, books, etc) has skyrocketed.

We’re talking a billion-dollar business. Pretty sure the originators in ancient India would’ve gotten a kick out of all this.

But while it’s awesome that so many people have embraced this practice of health and wellness, it’s more just physical fitness. It’ more than just seeing how bendy you can get.

Meditation is just as important in yoga as the postures are.

And many different cultures have been practicing meditation for millennia.

Modern science has only served to confirm meditation as something you should be looking into. There are now hundreds of scientific studies that demonstrate that meditation can:

  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Help to lower blood pressure
  • Combat age-related memory loss
  • Balance Emotions
  • Control anxiety
  • Reduce stress

Those last two are more important than a lot of us realize.

Unregulated stress can have terrible effects on our health and wellness.

When we’re stressed out, the body releases the hormone cortisol into the system which primes us for action. It’s the “fight or flight” effect. While this is ideal in emergency situations, being in this state on a regular basis begins to wreak havoc on our bodies’ internal environments.

It speeds up the aging process WAY too fast.

The speed and constant bombardment of information in modern life can be taking a toll and adding unnecessary stress without us even realizing it. Then there are work, family, and other obligations.

When you develop a meditation practice, you are essentially allowing your mind and body to “unload.” What’s cool is that you don’t have to become a Zen master and meditate for hours to experience the great benefits.

It can be a little challenging beginning to meditate; we’re not used to sitting and doing “nothing.”

Luckily, there are a bunch of apps like Headspace and Calm that make learning meditation easier than ever. All you have to start out with is a few minutes each day.

But it can be amazing what just a few moments can do.

If you haven’t yet, you seriously might want to look into starting a meditation practice. We’re learning more and more about how the mind and body are NOT separate. And taking care of both will skyrocket your overall health and happiness!