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Better Nutrition: The Beauty Secret Cosmetic Companies Don’t Want You to Know in 2020

by | Jan 15, 2020

We’re learning more and more about how nutritional compounds work together to create dazzling natural beauty.

Can looking your best be a byproduct of feeling your best?

What’s awesome is that this is turning out to be the case.

Let’s just be honest for a second: we all want to look as attractive as possible. And there’s nothing wrong with this…unless this desire starts to cross over into the obsessive side (Have you seen an episode of Botched lately?)

While cosmetics have their time and place, they should not be the centerpiece of your beauty foundation–no pun intended. First of all, those creams, conditioners, masks, serums, etc. can get pretty costly. The average woman spends over $15,000 on makeup in her life. (1)

Then there’s the most obvious thing: cosmetics are TEMPORARY. It has to come off at some point (hopefully not on your clothes or your boyfriend’s pillow).

Plus, makeup can actually do more harm than good. Skin irritation and breakouts are common results of relying too much on makeup to enhance your look.

It’s in our nature to find the beauty “quick fix”…although it often isn’t the best one.

More and more, women are finding that the most essential part of their beauty repertoire has nothing to do with what goes into a makeup bag. For a new decade, it’s time to look at how creating a beauty nutritional formula can be your game-changer.

Combining All Natural Nutrition: Potent “Inner Beauty”

Ok, so you’re already familiar with products that you apply on the outside. New studies are showing that certain vitamins, minerals, and spices are producing powerful beauty effects from the inside.

They’re like super-healthy dietary compounds. Not only are they great for overall health, but they also create a radiant glow to your appearance…one you never have to take off!

The only drawback is that most of us live in the real world. By this, we mean that addressing the most important nutrient needs to enhance beauty through diet alone can be challenging.

So women are finding that supplementing with high quality nutritional compounds not only keeps them healthy, it keeps them looking years younger than they are!

Just a few examples of celebrities who swear by their vitamins include Khloe and Kylie Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton…the list goes on.

Think about it: If celebrities like these, who have access to top nutritionists, are swearing by strategic nutrition formulas, it’s probably something all of us should be looking into.

Ok, let’s get into some of the more powerful beauty nutrients–and how they work together–for supple skin, shiny hair, and strong nails.


This is HUGE.

Think of collagen like an internal glue that makes you beautiful. It’s a protein that binds tissues together. There’s no stopping the aging process (unfortunately). When we age, the natural production of collagen decreases, and that’s why our skin begins to sag and wrinkle.

Supplementing collagen into your diet provides your body with the raw materials it needs to not just stay healthy, but to look stunning.

Vitamin C

The first thing you probably think of when hearing Vitamin C is its role in boosting your immune system. But this super vitamin has a whole lot of skincare power packed into it.

Vitamin C is a super antioxidant that protects your skin from damage caused by the sun. It also helps fortify it against the environmental toxins that we get bombarded by every day. It also helps brighten the skin and fade dark spots caused by free radical damage.

Fish Oil

You’ve probably heard of “healthy” fats. Fish are full of them. The building blocks of fish’s healthy fats are called Omega-3 fatty acids. They’re like little beauty rockstars that have all kinds of additional health benefits.

The only problem is that you would need to eat A TON of fish every day to get the most benefit. That’s why fish oil has become a staple of beauty-focused supplementation.

When you add in some additional Omega-3’s, they get to work nourishing your hair follicles. This goes a long way in preventing dryness and brittleness.

These super fats are also great for your skin. They fight inflammation and skin issues like acne and redness associated with it.


Turmeric is one of the hottest spices around. But we’re not just referring to the temperature on your taste buds. The active compound in turmeric is curcumin, and it’s like the king of the awesome “anti” properties:

  • antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-aging

Turmeric is also fantastic for circulation, which is an under-appreciated aspect of glowing skin. The better our circulation is, the more our blood can deliver healthy nutrients to it and flush away the nasty toxins that contribute to looking older.

Now, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of these before. This article would be like 15 pages long if we went through ALL of the benefits that these four super-supplements provided.

But we speak to how, when taken together, they turn into a vital beauty formula that no makeup, mask, or moisturizer could touch!

Synergistic Super Beauty

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects

We’re learning more and more about how these four nutrients interact. It’s becoming clear that while each one can be great on its own, taking them together can work wonders.

For example, the anti-inflammatory benefits of Vitamin C and fish oil help to combat damaging free radicals in our bodies. We already mentioned that. But these lame free radicals are also one of the main offenders in reducing our natural collagen.

Here’s what this points to:

When you combine fish oil, Vitamin C, and collagen, you’re accomplishing two things. You’re preserving what natural collagen production you have while fortifying your body with even more of it.

But the collagen love doesn’t stop there.

The skin-healing goodness that turmeric brings to the party takes it even further. Turmeric has been shown to heal wounds as well as increase the collagen deposits in your skin. So in a sense, you’re providing your skin with a collection of substances that give it everything possible to look and feel younger.

Another example of synergistic benefits is how fish oil and turmeric complement each other.

Chronic inflammation is a very serious problem in today’s world. Between stress, environmental toxins, our constant exposure to BPA in plastics, we’re not living in the natural world our ancestors did. Taking two of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory agents together ensures that you are putting your body in its best defense.

Again, each one stands on its own. But taken together, they address multiple functions of what’s needed for a natural cosmetic response.

The more you’re safeguarded against inflammation, the more your body can focus on growth and repair.

Omega 3’s and Vitamin C are part of Jennifer Aniston’s beauty supplement formula. Her appearance at age 50 makes us think that she’s onto something. (2)

This means healthy hair that grows like wildfire, strong and shiny nails, and youthful, glowing skin that turns heads.

The Best Of Both Worlds

When you put good stuff in, you get good stuff out. No amount of topical products can compare to the beauty-enhancing effects of providing your body with the nutrition it needs to thrive.

Aside from beauty, the super formula of fish oil, collagen, Vitamin C, and turmeric will turbocharge your immune system, metabolism, and energy. It’s a difference you don’t just see…you feel.

Health AND beauty.

Protection AND enhancement.

This formula is a win-win.

As we head into the new decade, an all-natural nutritional formula will define a beauty approach that outlasts anything that you apply on the outside.

Think of it as your secret formula for looking and feeling fabulous…naturally.

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