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Congratulations again on becoming an Organisource Ambassador!

We have chosen YOU to join an exciting selective community of health and fitness pros who are looking to represent a brand who prides itself on creating the highest quality all natural supplements in the world.

By joining the Organisource Brand Ambassador community you have also taken a massive step towards advancing your social media goals and growing your instagram profiles.

Below you will find an outline of all the amazing benefits we provide you as an Organisource Ambassador and everything we expect out of our ambassadors to represent the brand.

Now Let's Review the Benefits and Expectations for All Organisource Ambassadors...

Program Benefits

As an Organisource Ambassador you will receive a wide array of program benefits

  • You will receive email links with massive discounts on all new Organisource Products

  • You will receive a discount code and link to give out so that you may earn commission on any Organisource product you sell!

  • You will be able to refer friends to the Ambassador program and earn money EVERY MONTH on every ambassador who you get to sign up (platinum ambassador only)

  • You may claim your ambassadorship with Organisource on your Instagram (or other social media) profiles

  • You may be tagged on the @weareorganisource Instagram profile with over 30k followers and growing

Ambassador Expectations

As an Organisource Ambassador you must do the following to remain in the program

  • We expect you to post Organisource related content at least 2 times per month

  • When posting Organisource content you must tag our username @weareorganisource and the hashtag #organisourcearmy

  • We expect you to join the Organisource Army Facebook Group

  • Spread the love with a special discount code and link that you will get, read on to see how to get your link!

  • Optional but highly recommended: Rep your team by highlighting yourself as an Organisource Ambassador in your instagram bio!

Join the Organisource Army Facebook Group

Click the button below and join the BRAND NEW Organisource Army Facebook Group! This facebook group is going to be your GO-TO place for everything Organisource.

We just recreated the facebook group and are in the process of adding all ambassadors to it so there won't be much activity initially, but all members are encouraged to join, say hi to their fellow ambassadors, and tell us a little about yourself. Don't be shy!

Your Ambassador Back Office

As an ambassador, you will have access to the "Organisource Ambassador Back Office." This is where you will be able to manage your discount code, your referral link, view any sales and commission you have earned and more!

You can access your back office at any time by going to

In your Back Office you will have access to:

1. Create and Manage Your Discount Code and Affiliate Link - You will be able to create a special coupon code to give to your followers! Every time someone uses your discount code you will receive a 15% commission on the sale! Your link is only for referring people to the site. You must create your own coupon before you can use it. Click here or go to the "Coupon Code" item in your Ambassador Back office menu to add your coupon code.

2. View Your Commission and Sales - In your back office you will be able to review the sales you've made through your discount code and referral link

3. You will have access to the "Refer-a-Friend" program (platinum ambassadors only) - The Organisource refer-a-friend program allows you to bring you friends, family, and followers onto the Organisource Ambassador team and allows you to earn commission EVERY SINGLE MONTH they stay on the team

You can read the full instruction manual for using your Ambassador Back Office by going to

Click the button below after reading this page to access your back office:

Managing Your Subscription

You can change the product you have on subscription at any time! You will be able to change products, add products to your subscription, and manage any Organisource orders in our special Your Organisource Ambassador account.

You will receive an email shortly with log-in details for your account and you can log in at any time by going to or hitting the "my account" button in the menu of

Add More Products for 35% Off

TO ADD MORE PRODUCTS FOR 35% OFF: As an Ambassador you can add more products for the Ambassador discount by clicking the button below!


You can locate the terms of your ambassadorship at any time by clicking the link below! If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out to us by email at

You can review the terms of service here.