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Bone Broth Protein Powder


  • Supports healthy joints, muscles and skin
  • Boosts energy during the day
  • Reinforces and controls your metabolism
  • 20 grams of protein per scoop

The Modern Superfood from Ancient Nutrients

Our ancestors have been using the magic of Bone Broth for thousands of years. Every single heaping scoop of this protein powder is packed with 20 grams of protein and contains vital nutrients such as Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid to support a busy lifestyle as well as an intense gym training schedule. Made in an FDA-approved facility here in the US, Organisource bone broth powder contains no GMOs, dairy, soy, grain or gluten and is 100% paleo-friendly and gut-healthy.

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Ancient Superfood...Today’s Taste and Convenience

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Kobe Bryant. Gwenyth Paltrow. Selma Hayek. Celebs tend to have the inside info on what supplements keep our body’s nourished, performing at peak levels, and looking amazing.

But the ironic thing is that one of today's most powerful revitalization superfoods dates back thousands of years. And the stars mentioned above are reaping the benefits that you can too.

Bone broth was prized in ancient cultures for its rejuvenating effects. And what the ancients knew instinctually has been verified by modern science.

Most people associate bone broth with protein, and rightly so. But quality protein is just one of the perks of this rediscovered elixir that we now bring straight from the source.

Organisource Bone Broth Protein is...


Vitamin and Mineral Dense

Bone broth is an outstanding source of vitamins A and K, iron, selenium, zinc, manganese, and omega fatty acids.


Loaded with Electrolytes

If you're on keto or a low carb diet you need to make sure you're keeping your body's’ electrical systems supplied to perform at your best. Cutting back on fruits and starches can make obtaining adequate electrolytes challenging, and sports drinks reloaded with sugar. The potassium, magnesium, and sodium in bone broth guard against the dreaded “keto flu” and maintain optimal energy!


Excellent for Maintaining Healthy Joints

Our grass-fed sourced bone broth contains collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Recover from your active lifestyle and feel a body that is ready to go!

Pure, Grass-Fed Bone Broth at the stir of a spoon!

Traditionally, if you wanted to reap the rewards of bone broth, you had to boil some organ meats and connective tissue. As appetizing as that sounds, we decided to make it MUCH easier 🙂 Our natural and sugar-free bone broth mixes easily into most drinks.

Take a few scoops to the gym with you to nourish your body after a challenging workout. Take some to work with you to keep your energy sharp. Organisource’s bone broth lets you fuel your body with what it needs...wherever and whenever.

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Powerful Healing

Bone broth is totally digestion-friendly. The collagen in it can help to reduce inflammation and heal intestinal lining damage. Those afflicted with celiac’s disease find bone broth a lifesaver is helping to supplement with high-quality amino acids and protein.

We back our bone broth with a no-questions-asked guarantee. Try it for yourself and experience the difference that nutrition straight from the source makes today!

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"I have tried many other bone broth protein powders. Almost all of them DON'T dissolve well, taste horrible, and just didn't work for me. Then I tried Organisource Grass-Fed Bone Broth Protein and it blew me away!"

Ashley R.

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"Since beginning my nutrition and fitness journey, I have been on the lookout for a protein supplement that didn't include a lot of extra sweeteners, calories, or just plain junk. The Bone Broth Protein is wonderful! Plenty of protein, low in calories, no sugar, and it mixes well with other foods for a perfect addition to smoothies or iced coffee with no funny aftertaste. I'm so glad I've been able to add it to my regimen!"

Heather M.

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"I’m an avid triathlete and training to compete in my first Ironman event. Needless to say I’m drained of nutrients from the countless hours of training I do. The Bone Broth protein has absolutely been my support system to rebuild my muscles after hours of swimming, biking and running. I love that I can mix it with anything! Thanks Organisource for making me competition ready."

Danielle O.